Basic Tips for Clear Skin


Basic Tips for Clear Skin

Along with pampering your skin with natural home remedies, there are some other things you can do to help eliminate the resurgence of acne, help heal stubborn scars, and achieve blemish free and glowing skin. You can get healthier, younger looking skin with just a few daily routine adjustments. Here are some tips on how to get clear skin. Read on!
Eating a Healthy Diet Can Clear Your Skin

You are what you eat. Yes, that phrase may sound redundant, but there’s truth in it! Did you know, your skin is an organ? Yes, a living, breathing organ. And, just like with all your other organs, your skin is also affected by what you eat. So, what should you eat to get clearer skin? First and foremost, water. Water is what rids your body of its toxins and we are about 60 percent the natural clear stuff, so it only makes sense that drinking more water helps your skin clear up quicker. Focus on greens and foods that help promote elasticity like fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and fatty fish.

Remove Makeup Before Going To Bed

A very basic rule: Remove your makeup before you go to bed! You have no idea how many times I am guilty of not removing my makeup before I go to bed – only to wake up to disastrous results the next morning: a very unwelcome pimple on my cheek. Nighttime is when your body starts to relax and rejuvenate itself. If your skin is washed, it will allow your pores to breathe and help prevent buildup and clogging of your pores which leads to acne.

Use a Toner for Clear Skin

Use a toner after you wash your face. There are a couple of reasons for this. 1) a toner helps balance the pH level of your skin. Why is this important? Our skin is supposed to be slightly acidic. This is because of our skin’s outer layer which works with sebaceous (oil producing) glands to maintain this level of around 5-6. 2) Toner is an astringent, which closes your pores after you wash your face. This is important to happen otherwise, your pores may stay open and get clogged by moisturizer or other free radicals in the air.
Stay Away From the Sun

Staying away from the sun is one of the easiest habits you can start adopting now to prevent early aging and fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. I know how hard this can be (especially being from Southern California!), so if you have to absolutely spend time in the sun to get somewhere, or for an event, make sure you try to stay in the shade as much as possible, use sunscreen and cover up as best and lightly as you can. If you are the tanning type (like I used to be) and you just need that lovely warm tan glow, there is a home remedy you can use to get some color on your body.

Exercising Helps Clear Your Skin

Exercising helps increase blood flow, which in turn can increase the glow in your face. It also helps you lose water retention which helps lower swelling in your face and body. Thirty minutes of cardio a day should be more than enough to start with. Walking is the best way to get this exercise if you are worried about not having a gym membership.

These are some basic tips on how to get clear skin. Start following them and you should see a difference in your facial skin dramatically within a few weeks.

Note: Before following any diet or regimen make sure to see a doctor first.