2 Ingredients Hard Water Stain Remover! No scrubbing!


Hard water stains can be really difficult to clean and often even our hardest efforts yield unsatisfying results. People who use well water have the biggest problems with hard water stains and this 2 ingredient solution will be very useful for them. This is the easiest way to clean every surface in your house from hard water stains. You won’t believe how this simple recipe can be that effective.

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably bought every chemical cleaning product out there. All you get with these cleaning products is chemicals vapors which on the long run can even cause respiratory difficulties. This DIY stain remover is made from only two ingredients, but you’ll never guess which ones. All you need is Coca Cola and Vodka, and no, we’re not making a cocktail, even do you might mix one up to celebrate the amazing job you’ve done.


Coca Cola
Spray bottle

Preparation and application:

You’ve probably heard about the cleaning power of coca cola and maybe you’ve even heard about the powerful cleaning properties of vodka, so why haven’t you thought about combining the two. You just need to pour coca cola and vodka in equal parts in the spray bottle and mix them up.

Spray this mixture on the worst hard stains and leave it on for an hour or so. You’ll notice just after a few minutes that the hard water stains have started dissolving and disappearing bit by bit. Wait for the mixture to dry and then just rinse the surface. If the stains haven’t come out after the first try you might want to repeat the process a few more times until you get it spotless. It all depends on how bad the situation is, and how often do you clean these stains. But you’ll be surprised at how effective and easy it is and you’ll never use anything else anymore.