How Your Body Changes If You Drink Coconut Water Every Day

Should you drink coconut water every day?
The health food market is saturated with drinks, shakes and smoothies that claim to have amazing health benefits, but many of these are laden with calories and sugar.

Coconut water however is one the best, natural ways of hydrating your body. The price of coconut water has come down to reflect its popularity, and we recommend choosing this over any other beverage when the thirst strikes you.

How come? Coconut water is not only superb at hydrating it is also pro-active in many other beneficial ways to your health.

No other drink works harder to keep your body fighting fit, and here are some of the benefits:

Balances pH levels
Coconut water will balance the pH levels in your body, it will return your body to a state of alkaline which is where the body is happiest. Having high acidity levels in the body is thought to be linked with diseases such as cancer.

Regulates blood pressure
It is packed with magnesium and potassium which are crucial for regulating blood pressure. Keeping your blood pressure in check will protect you from certain heart conditions.

A powerful diuretic
One of the best ways to keep the body in great shape in to ensure proper diuretic function. Flushing the body of toxins and other waste is a great way to help you feeling healthy.

Supports heart health
Coconut water can help increase levels of ‘good’ cholesterol (HDL) in the body, plus it has zero fat and cholesterol.

Slows down the aging process
That’s right it can even help you maintain youthful features for longer, thanks to something called cytokines. These have been known to slow down the ageing process and coconut water is full of them.

Promotes weight loss
In direct competition with the dieters best friend – water – coconut wins on the weight loss front, too. In contains bioactive enzymes which help speed up your metabolism.

Relieves headaches
Coconut water is actually better at hydrating you than plain water. The reason being it is packed with electrolytes, which are sometimes added to sports drinks but in coconut water, they are already naturally there.

Regulates blood sugar levels
Blood sugar levels are important, especially when exercising. A drop in blood sugar leads to dizziness and even fainting.