Skin fibromas or commonly known as warts are often being removed due to esthetic reasons. However in some cases they can be the cause of some inflammations. The difference is that they are not birthmarks.

However most of the people in world want to remove their warts due to esthetic reasons. On the other hand older people advise us not to touch these wart, because it is dangerous. Many people listen to their advice and fear to take the risk. The question is: is their removal completely safe?
remove warts

First of all, you need to make a difference between virus wart, infectious wart, warts which may be a consequence of HPV and skin fibroma. These warts need to be medically treated.

However the warts that usually appear on your armpits are called filiform verruca. You need to know that these virus warts are prone to extending.

This means that if their number enlarges, then you need to remove them. Many believe that their appearance is due to the skin care you provide to your body. Maybe these warts appear when you take showers too often, maybe they are consequence of a hair removal process or maybe they appear because you sweat a lot.

The best thing to do here is to visit a dermatologist or surgeon. They will know what is the best thing for you to do. Depending on its nature probably you shouldn’t remove them entirely just make them smaller, drill them etc. The most common method for removing warts is the so called cryotherapy or treatment with liquid nitrogen.

Before you start any of this it is crucial for you to educate yourself as much as you can about the way of treatment, scars, time needed for skin regeneration after the surgery and the cost of the whole process.

Natural medicine
The most used natural remedy for treating warts is the fresh celandine juice or its tincture. This remedy was used for centuries now. All you have to do is apply the tincture or the juice on the wart, twice a day.

Sticky tape?
For many years now a group of scientists has been trying to examine all the benefits from using sticky tape and liquid nitrogen in the process of wart removal. According to their research, after only two months everyday usage of sticky tape and using stone for removal of dead skin once a week, these scientist noticed that in 85% of the patients, the warts have disappeared.

Meanwhile, freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen managed to remove around 60% of warts. However many experts claim that the stocky tape can provoke irritation. This can stimulate the immune stations in your body to attack the wart.

On the other hand, you should know that there is a possibility that some chemicals from the glue might have positive effect in removing of the warts.