An Old Doctor Recommends IT! Simple Drink for Reducing Cholesterol and Melting Fat

This recipe is very simple and effective in melting fat and maintaining proper cholesterol level.
The origin of this recipe is not familiar, but it is passed on from generation to generation, and those who have tried it say that an old retired doctor discovered it.

All who have tried this recipe are very satisfied. Originally it was consumed as a medicine for lowering cholesterol level, but later people have noticed that it reduces fat as well .For those with excess weight – “kills two birds with one stone”: -)

For this drink you will only need quality, corn flour and water.

■ 1 tablespoon corn flour
■ 1 cup cold water

Mix one tablespoon of corn flour with a cup of cold water. Stir and leave it overnight. The glass should be covered with paper napkin to protect it from dust. Then, the next morning, before consuming anything else – drink the beverage.

The drink is almost without taste. Drink regularly, every day for 2 months. Then run the required tests. Cholesterol level should be reduced.

You can continue with this treatment as long as you want!