Apple Cider Vinegar Baths: Why You Need to Start Taking Them More Often ?

Although it may look like a weird beauty and health routine, taking a bath in apple cider vinegar may be just what you need for a complete amazing body detoxification for your skin.

Apple cider vinegar rises into the ranks of the health world, now in the same rank as coconut oil and honey, this versatile vinegar can be used as a base for salad dressings, a hot drink to sip in the morning and even more.

While the inherent benefits of ingesting this vinegar are prolific, using it on your skin can be as beneficial. Bathing in this vinegar will make you feel amazing, to soothe sunburn, to soften your hair. Your skin will love you for that!

1- To Clear A Variety Of Skin Conditions : ( Eczima , Fungs , Skin infections and more ) .

As mentioned earlier, apple cider vinegar helps heal difficult skin conditions, including fungi and bacteria that like to settle on your skin. Your regular body wash with soap or shower gel does not always kill those unwanted guests; sometimes you have to go even further and take out the vinegar.

2- Relieves sunburn :
You sat in the sun too long, now your shoulders are similar to the lobster color you enjoyed for dinner. Instead of using the sunscreen-loaded chemical, try soaking in a vinegar bath. Not only will it soothe painful sunburns, but it can also help you heal faster so you can continue to enjoy sunny afternoons.

3- Body odor :
Admit it, we all suffer from occasional stench and sometimes embarrassing body odor. Abuse deodorant filled with chemicals is not the answer! In a promising environment that is warm and slightly wet, the bacteria mix with your natural sweat.

This combination is not a good sign for those of us who like to feel better. Over time, the accumulation of bacteria in places with these criteria, such as your armpits, begins to release this odiferous odor. Bathing in apple cider vinegar can help get rid of this pool of bacteria and prevent bad odors, creating a less hospitable environment for future smells.

4- Healthy hair :
Apple cider vinegar works wonders as a hair detoxification. The acid in the vinegar helps remove the oily residue that accumulates on your hair, restoring its natural glow. It also keeps your hair soft, supple and even prevents slit ends and reduces dandruff. It will not be long before you see a noticeable improvement in the brilliance and quality of your captivating hair. People will wonder what expensive product you use to keep your mane so healthy ..

5- Healthy feet :
The feet can be disgusting. They stink, sweat and sometimes strange things grow on them. Our feet are often abused and neglected. We take a pair of socks to cover all those harmful things that emanate from them. Not only does this amazing vinegar help reduce this unknown odor, but it can even eliminate warts and athlete’s feet!

6- Relief of joint pain :
You stand up, your back hurts, you kneel down to get something on the floor, and your knees creak and growl. If you suffer from joint pain, apple cider vinegar can help you. The improvement of joint pain has been demonstrated in those who bathe regularly in this useful product.

It is also possible to pour a cup of cider vinegar into the bath water. Sit in the bathtub and stay there for about twenty minutes. The slight acidity of the water will soothe the itching as well as the vaginal and vulvar burning sensation.
To enjoy its benefits, mix cider vinegar with lukewarm water in a basin to soak your hands or feet, or make a cider vinegar bath mixed with warm water.

Besides the bath, you can mix the cider vinegar with olive oil or coconut oil. Take 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar and a tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil and massage lightly the painful areas.

It is also possible to drink cider vinegar to relieve arthritis. Mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar with ½ glass of water. It is advisable to consume this drink regularly, at each meal or at bedtime.

Therefore, do not hesitate to add cider vinegar to your diet to prevent or alleviate joint pain, but also to strengthen your immune system and for more energy.

7-Appel cider vinegar bath for vagainal infections ( urinary tract infections UTI ):

In the case of a vaginal infection such as bacterial vaginosis, the pH is usually greater than 4.5 while the vagina must maintain a pH that fluctuates between 3.8 and 4.2. To correct this pH, apple cider vinegar can be used successfully.

Take a vaginal shower with cider vinegar diluted in these proportions: half a spoon to a tablespoon of cider vinegar per liter of water. This 100% natural remedy can be performed for three consecutive days.