7 Common Nail Conditions Related to Grave Diseases Which Shouldn’t Be Ignored!

According to Lisa Petty, a nutritionist and author of the book “ Living Beauty” (Fitzhenry and Whiteside), nails suffer the most if the body is not treated well. The nails are basically the door to our body, so if you have a nail problem, it can indicate a problem in the body.

Fingernails and toenails protect the nail beds, which are the especially sensitive skin at the end of the fingers and toes. The nail is formed by nail grids which are a collection of nerves, veins and lymph vessels. Although the shape of the nails can vary due to genetics, nails are in general not very fragile, translucent and smooth. However, the condition of nails is not only a beauty issue, but it can indicate the health condition of the entire body. If your nails do not get supplements, they can become hard, stained or ugly.

In case your nails are brittle, yellow, or your fingernails or toenails are ridged, you may have a nutritional deficiency or health issues like anemia or thyroid disease. Fortunately, nail problems of this kind can be solved by changing your diet, and taking vitamins and supplements.

7 most common nail conditions:

1. Brittle or split nails
Reason: Lack of B vitamin, biotin or not enough moisture.
Solution: Colloid minerals, gelatin and calcium supplements can be helpful in this case.Taking Biotin Ultra 1mg, twice or three times a day, will be very beneficial in case of brittle nails.

2. White spots
Reason: Lack of zinc or injury to the nail.
Solution: Take 50 mg of zinc every day and consume foods rich in zinc, as sesame seeds, peas, pumpkin seeds, and red meat.

3. Fungus
Reason: Constant exposure to warmth and dampness of the fingernail skin.
Solutions: You can take 200 mg case of myrrh, three times a day. Also, soak the nails in antibacterial immaculate tea tree oil for 15 minutes every day until you solve the issue.

4. Yellow nails
Reason: Constant use of nail polish or lack of vitamin E.
Solutions: You need to include wheat germ oil, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, sweet potatoes to your diet, since they are rich in vitamin E. Moreover, take 400 IU of vitamin E two times a day.

5. Soft nails which curl upward
Reason: Lack of iron
Solution: Take 325 mg of ferrous sulfate three times per day to treat this condition.

6. Horizontal ridges or dents
Reason: Horizontal dents on the nails can indicate trauma from surgery, a high fever, psoriasis, and nutritional deficiencies. Ridges occur as a result of a trauma, like constantly hitting the edge of your nail on something hard.
Solutions: Take 3 mg of dietary silicona day in order to strengthen your nails. Also, take protein (55 grams is the recommended ADA) and vitamin A, 10,000 IU a day.

7. Vertical ridges
Reason: Malnutrition and lack of minerals or vitamins.
Solutions: Almond oil will smooth the ridges, and chamois buffer can be used to polish the nails.

If you suffer from some of the problems listed below, and they are accompanied with other indicators of illnesses, you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible.
Red nail beds: coronary illness
Yellow nails: Chronic bronchitis
Upward-bending nails: infection of the thyroid
Fragile nails: hyperthyroidism
White nail beds: infection of the liver
Blue nail beds: blood flow issues