How 1 Teaspoon Of Chia Seeds Can Help Improve Your Gut, Brain, and Heart

chia seeds
If you wonder how chia seeds got their name, let me explain you. The word “chian” which means “oily” and this is because these seeds are an excellent source of omega 3 acids.

Foods like flax seeds, fish oils, and kiwi have a high content of this unsaturated fat. Omega 6 can be found in nuts, vegetable oil, avocados, etc.

Studies showed that the health benefits of chia seeds are greater than we thought. So let’s find out more about these seeds!

Chia Seeds and Digestion
If you want to find out the effect of chia seeds on our health, just put them in some water and wait until they turn into a glutinous solution.

Well, the same happens in our stomach, meaning that they are very beneficial for the digestive system.

Chia seeds are an excellent source of fiber and can effectively prevent the fast break down of the carbohydrates.

Nutritional Profile and Health Benefits of Chia Seeds:
* They contain 19 amino acids
* Abundant in fiber, meaning that they are beneficial for your digestive system
* They are gluten-free
* They contain 20% protein
* They contain 20% omega 3 ALA, and are beneficial for the brain
* They have 8 times more omega compared to salmon
* They contain 2 times more potassium than a banana
* They have 7 times more vitamin C compared to oranges
* They contain 5 times more calcium than milk
* They have 3 times more iron compared to spinach
* Chia seeds can improve the condition of your skin, hair, and nails
* They can balance the glucose levels
* Chia seeds can be used as a replacement for eggs
* They can be also used in salads or mixed with some water or juice.