Pure Magic: Drink This for 4 Days and Remove 10cm From Your Waist!

After four days, this drink will make you lose your mind over it, so you will not even think about stopping to drink it.Once the winter starts to slowly go away, most women start to think how to get rid of excess weight and be ready for the beach, bikinis, short skirts, and shorts. If you are among them, the ideal solution for you is offered by nutritionist Cynthia Sas, who designed a diet drink which can reduce the waist size by as much as 10 centimeters, which is proportional to the loss of three pounds in only 4 days!

In order for this “plan” to succeed, it is necessary that during the four days of consuming the drink you avoid sweets, snacks, fat and calorie foods, and turning to healthier foods.

To make this powerful fat burner, you will need :

● 2 liters of water,
● 1 cucumber,
● 1 lemon,
● tablespoon ginger powder
● and 12 mint leaves.