Herbs That Stimulate Digestive Organs And Remove Toxins To Aid Weight Loss

Herbs That Stimulate Digestive Organs And Remove Toxins To Aid Weight Loss
A good balanced diet consisted of healthy organic food free from pesticides in combination with regular exercising and as an addition some healthy herbs to enhance the body’s ability to process the food, stimulate the digestive organs and toxin removal are the most important things for healthy weight loss.

Herbal remedies can assist the organism in reducing fat deposits and increase the possibilities of weight loss in three ways:

1. By increasing the metabolic rate of the organism through stimulation of some important body’s organs like the liver is.
2. By stimulating the body to flush fluids and by that removing toxins from it.
3. By improving the digestion, stimulating the breakdown of fatty acids and controlling the inflammation.

The following herbs are well known natural weight loss aids, which can be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and physical activity.

Green Tea
Green tea is confirmed as a popular tea to enhance weight loss. The catechins-antioxidants in green tea are responsible for this reputation. These powerful antioxidants decrease the chances of lipids to be absorbed in the gut.

Cinnamon Tea
This tasteful tea helps balance the blood sugar, so you won’t have food cravings and will rather use the energy than store it.

Turmeric helps the body to digest fatty acids, control cholesterol levels and inflammation. For best weight loss results it is better to use turmeric tea in combination with fresh ginger root, cinnamon stick, two pieces of orange and some sea salt.

Dandelion Root
This root is a natural diuretic. It stimulates the production of fluids flushes the system, removing the toxins and helping the fat digestion. Dandelion root is rich in potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamins A, D, C and B group. This is a very versatile herb, it can be eaten raw as a salad or steeped as a tea. Dandelion root works as a detoxifier it removes the poisons that cause constipation, inflammation of the joints and urinary tract disorders.

Ginseng is very effective for controlling weight because it gives energy and stamina. Recent research continues to support the use of ginseng for both weight loss and diabetic control. Ginseng is an adaptogen herb. It is known that it can make the body cells less capable to store fat. Both the leaves and the root of this plant are used. Also, it can be found in tablet or powder form.

Milk Thistle
Milk Thistle is very important herb, especially for the health of the liver. The seeds have a mild laxative effect and act anti-inflammatory promoting the liver healthy. A healthy liver is essential for slim, healthy and well-functioning body.

All the mentioned herbs should be used with the guidance of a naturopath or herbalist if taken either for chronic or acute conditions or for weight loss.