Ancient Garlic Tibetan Cure – Treats More Than 50 Diseases And Stimulates Weight Loss

The ancient Buddhist monks from Tibet have used this garlic remedy for centuries to treat a long list of diseases and now we’re sharing their recipe with the world so that everyone can take advantage of its benefits. Aside from treating a number of diseases it’s an excellent weight loss booster so you might want to bookmark this recipe and try it out!

It’s the simplest recipe to make and use the long list of benefits of garlic. We all know that garlic is one of the best medicinal plants out there and this cure will enable you to enjoy its qualities on a daily basis.

Let’s look at some of the health benefits from this amazing garlic cure:

● Stimulates fat-burning processes in the body
● Effective against high levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and beneficial for HDL (good) cholesterol levels
● Decreases triglycerides levels in the blood
● Effective against thrombosis
● Lowers high blood pressure
● Detoxifies the liver and improves its function
● Improves the kidney’s function and eliminates excess fluids from your organism
● Improves circulation
● Boosts the immune system and fights bacteria and viruses

As we mentioned before there is a long list of illnesses this cure can treat. Some of which Ischemia, Sinusitis, Heart disease, Headaches, Cerebral thrombosis, Obesity, Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatism, Gastritis, Hemorrhoids, Eye problems, Hearing problems, Atherosclerosis.

There are certain cases when you shouldn’t consume this drink. If you’re suffering from gastric ulcers or digestive problems, if you’re taking anticoagulants and if you for some reason cannot eat aw garlic you shouldn’t consume this cure. Before starting any natural treatment you should always consult your doctor first to make sure it doesn’t interfere with any health condition or medications you’re taking.


■ 12 ounces of raw garlic
■ 1 cup of 70% alcohol

Peel and mash the garlic and put it in a glass jar or bottle with alcohol. Close the lid tightly and put in the fridge. Keep it in the fridge for 10 days and after this time drain the liquid with a cloth or strainer. Return the cure in the fridge for 3 more days and afterwards you can start consuming it.

It’s extremely important to stick to the instructions and follow them to the letter. You should always take the recommended dose mixed in a bit of water, 20 minutes before every meal. If you want to be sure that you get the dosage right use a eyedropper which you should keep in the fridge.

1 day: 1 drop before breakfast, 2 drops before lunch, 3 drops before dinner
2 day: 4 drops before breakfast, 5 drops before lunch, 3 drops before dinner
3 day: 7 drops before breakfast, 8 drops before lunch, 9 drops before dinner
4 day: 10 drops before breakfast, 11 drops before lunch, 12 drops before dinner
5 day: 13 drops before breakfast, 14 drops before lunch, 15 drops before dinner
6 day: 15 drops before breakfast, 14 drops before lunch, 13 drops before dinner
7 day: 12 drops before breakfast, 11 drops before lunch, 10 drops before dinner
8 day: 9 drops before breakfast, 8 drops before lunch, 7 drops before dinner
9 day: 6 drops before breakfast, 5 drops before lunch, 4 drops before dinner
10 day: 3 drops before breakfast, 2 drops before lunch, 1 drop before dinner
After you finish the 10 day treatment start taking 25 drops three times a day until you finish the whole dose. Another thing you must know is that this cure can be taken one every 5 years, so if you make it now and drink it you shouldn’t consume it for the next 5 years.

During the first few days you might experience some side effects like headaches, breakouts and some other detox-related symptoms, which is completely normal. However they should last for more than a few days and if they persist or get worse you should consult your doctor.