the words ‘orange’ and ‘banana’ are mentioned, you instantly think of the fruit, instead of anything else. And why not because these fruits taste amazing. However, there is one fact that is unknown about these two fruits – their peels contain both medicinal and practical uses. So, before you think about dumping the peels of these fruits in the trash can, you might want to think about some the following facts.

First off, let’s start with orange peels. Pesticide levels can be minimized by selecting organic oranges.

Now, here’s what you can do with orange peels

■Orange peels are quite similar to the skin of the apple as they are immensely nutritious. As orange peel is bitter, it tends to help settle gas problems, heartburn, acidic eructation, vomiting and nausea.
■ It helps as an appetite suppressant and in powdered form, it helps to dissolve phelgm, alleviate asthma and cough.

■ In the form of essential oil, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.
■ It can also possibly dissolve triglyceride and cholesterol.
■ It also has some great beauty properties – if some orange peels are rubbed on the skin, it will help balance the oil present on the skin and make the skin softer and smoother.
■ It also helps in removal of blemishes, dark spots, acnes and pimples.
■ As the orange peel has a beautiful fragrance, it can help in removing of musky and damp odor. Orange zest has the property of enhancing the flavor and taste of various dishes.

Now, moving on to banana peels –

■ They are full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants and have the capability of curing various ailments and help in cell regeneration.
■ As it has the property to absorb copper and lead from water and act as a type of water filtration system.
■ Rubbing a banana peel on a bug bite can reduce the itching and soothe the skin.
■ Bruises can be healed by the application of banana peel and help in teeth whitening.
■ It can help in getting rid of warts and stop them from coming back.
■ Irritation and inflammation of acne can be soothed by rubbing a banana peel over the acne. Splinters in the skin can be dislodged with the help of the enzymes present in the banana peels.
■ It also helps in reducing headaches and wrinkles.
■ It can also be used as a polishing agent around the house.

So, before you throw away the orange and banana peels, think about the uses given above and let the magic happen.