This Key Ingredient Will Save Your Damaged Hair and Make It Strong and Healthy

Save Your Damaged Hair and Make It Strong and Healthy
If you have static and dry hair, there is an excellent homemade remedy that can be used for soft, strong and beautiful hair. Gelatin powder is the main ingredient in this recipe.

Instead spending too much money in a beauty salon, you can save a lot of money and save your hair at home with this mask.

Proline and glycine are the two amino acids included in gelatin powder. These amino acids are very important for weight regulation and better immunity, but most people don’t get enough of them.

Needed ingredients:
■ 1 tablespoon of gelatin
■ Half a cup of milk or water
■ 1 egg
■ 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
■ 2 tablespoons of your hair conditioner (there is no need of it if you have oily hair)
■ 2 tablespoons of olive oil

Note: Double the recipe if you have long or very thick hair.

Add the gelatin in warm milk/water and mix it till you get a homogenous solution. Then, add olive oil, an egg, the hair conditioner and mix them together. Also, you can add a few drops of any essential oil.

Apply the mask on your wet hair and do not pour into the scalp because the hair will be too greasy.

Finally, wrap your hair in a plastic bag or a shower cap and then a towel. Let it sit for 30-40 minutes and wash hair with a regular shampoo.

The molecules surround your hair and make smooth the whole structure of the hair. So, your hair will be strong, smooth, soft and shiny.

For best results, use this gelatin hair mask two times weekly. After, keep the results by using the mask two times in a month.

Why is gelatin beneficial?
Gelatin tightens loose skin and supports nail, hair and skin growth. Gelatin is a good source of protein and contains amino acids that help with muscle building.

Also, gelatin helps in digestion by attaching water to make foods move through the digestive track easily. It boosts health in joints and helps in joint healing.