Unhealthy life styles like eating junk food, frequent non-veg. diet, heavy medication, over use of laxatives, burgers, pizzas, untimely sleep, stress, smoking, alcohol, over or under eating especially in the urban areas, constipation has grown to be a part and parcel of life. Constipation should be taken as a serious problem and if left unattended for a long time can cause some serious problems. Many researches hint that constipation may be linked with the increase numbers of Parkinson’s disease, thyroid problems, diabetes etc.
Below mentioned are some simple yet potent herbal home remedies which have proved beneficial time and again in curing as well as preventing the problem of constipation.
Amla Fruit

1) Amla/ Indian Gooseberry. Amla as I have mentioned several times earlier in my blog has many wonderful curative properties, of which its use in constipation is one of them. Amla as a natural colon cleanser removes years of deposited toxins (medications, heavy metals, pesticides, and chemicals), impurities and fecal materials in colon and lower intestines. Take 1 teaspoon of Amla powder with water or with honey before going to bed. Regular use of Amla powder will relieve from constipation and many other intestinal/colon related problems. You can also take Triphala in which Amla is one of the three constituents can be taken in place of Amla powder to augment its effect.

2) Soak Dry Palm Date (Chuara or Chuaara) and Amla fruit(seedless) in water overnight in equal proportion. In the morning blend them and filter the paste. Take 2-3 teaspoon 2-3 times a day will alleviate the constipation.

3) Use apple and beetroot juice or just eat them fresh daily to cure constipation.
4) Drink Aloe Vera juice daily once or twice or eat its pulp to cure constipation. You can add salt for taste if necessary.

5) Drink 3-4 glass of water as soon as you get up in the morning and you’re your body hydrated by drinking enough water all day long. Remember, water is necessary for bowl movement and proper functioning of body.

6) Papaya and Guavas are known for their anti-constipation properties. Include papayas and guavas in your diet are an effective way to treat and avoid constipation.

7) Mix juice of two lemons in a glass of water. Drink it empty stomach in the morning to relieve constipation. Use it regularly.

8) Eat few Holy Basil (Tulsi) leaves daily after lunch/dinner is an affective way to avoid constipation.

9) Make powder of dry Neem Flowers. Take 1-2gms of powder with water at night to alleviate constipation.

10) Sanay (Cassia angustifolia) mix with raw tamarind fruit (imli) paste. Take 5-10gms in quantity after food with water.

11) Mix tulsi juice, honey, ginger juice and onion juice in equal quantities. Take one teaspoon daily to lessen the stiffness and ease the constipation.

12) Mix Harad(Terminalia chebula), Sauf( Foeniculum vulgare) and mishri(candy sugar) in equal proportion. Grind them to powder. Take one teaspoon with water daily at night for constipation problem.

13) Rose petals, Sanay and Harad mix in a ration 3:2:1. Boil 50 gms of the mixture in a glass of water till it reduce to ¼ in quantity. Filter and drink this potion like a tea for instant relief.