Shampoo That Prevents Hair Loss And Gives The Hair Glow, Volume And Elasticity

hair loss
Hair is regarded as a symbol of beauty. However, long term usage of chemicals agents, heat treating, and inadequate care leave the hair dry, reseeding, and damaged. These factors, along with stress and changes in the organism, lead to hair loss.

We have just the thing to prevent hair loss. A shampoo that’s easy to make and is 100% efficient. You’ll notice first results after only a few days, and your hair will be stronger, fluttery and won’t fall off. After a month or two, you’ll start to notice new strands of hair which give more volume.

1 liter nettle shampoo;
100 ml pantenol;
30 ml nettle drops;
30 ml aqueous solution;
50 ml castor oil;
2 vitamin B capsules.

In 750 ml of nettle shampoo mix the pantenol, nettle drops, the aqueous solution and castor oil. And your shampoo is ready.

How Does It Work?
Believe it or not, this shampoo is a vitamin bomb for your hair, and skin.
Nettle: Speeds peripheral circulation and the blood flow on the scalp. It speeds metabolic processes inside the epidermis.
Pantenol: The pantothenic acid maintains proper functions of the skin and stimulates regenerative processes.
Castor oil: Strengthens the cuticles of hair strands. It’s rich in vitamin E and ricinoleic acid. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, as it fights free radicals and their harmful effects on the skin. Castor is also great against fungi. It protects and heals the skin. It also destroys dead skin cells.
Aqueous solution: Vitamin A has a regenerative effect on the scalp.
Vitamin B: Nourishes the hair and restores strength.

My Experience With The Shampoo:
I’ve been using it for 3 months now, and all I have to say is that this shampoo is miraculous. My hair stopped falling out, it regained its strength and glow. It’s soft and shiny as well. The shampoo is of a liquid consistency, so you’ll need to shake it for a moment before using it. Apply it on your hand first, and then on your hair. Massage your scalp with the shampoo for a few minutes in order to increase the flow and for your hair to absorb the shampoo.

After washing your hair, you could apply a hair mask, if your hair is dry.