Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples Fast

Pimples is the most biggest problems for teenager, even it’s also attack adult. But, dont be desperate before you try few natural ways to get rid of pimples below. Especially if you have spent a lot of money to buy expensive medicines to cure it. Home remedies for pimples below is made from materials that you can found easily at your house especially in the kitchen. But, we suggested you should ask your friends that might be have tried this method, or consult to the doctor is better.

We will not talk about causes of pimples, types of pimples or any other topic. Because, we are specially post about how to get rid of pimples using natural remedies that you can do at home. You should remember, fast or not depends on how diligent you do this method. Because if you just do it for one or two days maybe it will not show the result. So we recommended that you do this remedies regularly.

How to treat pimples using papaya mask:

Papaya is a fruit that is widely available around us. This fruit is a fruit that has many benefits both for health and beauty of women. In function to beauty, papaya fruit is very effective to treat and prevent pimples, wrinkles and dry skin. Papaya latex can also be used to reduce calluses and rough skin on hands and feet. You can use papaya as a mask for pimples, here’s how to do it.

– Papaya
– Honey

How to make:
Mashed papaya and mix with honey. Then use it for mask about 30 minutes, wash with warm water. Do it regularly until your pimples gone.

Getting rid of pimples using potatoes:

Raw potato contains many minerals such as sulfur, potassium and phosphorus are good for skin health. This mineral stimulates collagen and elastin products that can make your skin firmer and younger. Potatoes are also rich in vitamin C which is an antioxidant that can prevent cell damage and promote healing. Alkali content in potato also works as a powerful antidote for pimples with many existing sebum in your pores.
Potatoes have mild antibacterial properties that can destroy the bacteria that cause pimples. Using drugs containing potato on your skin can also help remove dead skin cells that blocked the skin pores.

How to use potato to treat pimples:
Mashed potatoes and apply to face with pimples, let it stand until dry for an hour or two. Then wash thoroughly, do it regularly.