How To Remove Dark Circles With Sodium Bicarbonate And Thorough Cleaning Of All The Face

How To Remove Dark Circles With Sodium Bicarbonate And Thorough Cleaning Of All The Face

The face is one of the most exposed parts of our body. Throughout the day they accumulate in him many particles and toxins. Even many of these impurities can harm us and stain the skin. Know how to purify the skin of the face, prevent acne and eliminate dark circles with sodium bicarbonate.

Sodium Bicarbonate is a product that is easy to acquire and of low cost. Its uses are endless, both in the gastronomical world in treatments of cosmetics or to make life easier in the home. For many women, this ingredient is indispensable in each routine of beauty, due to its many properties.

Among their virtues is worth to recognize its great power cleaner: Is disinfectant and deodorant. mixing it with some liquid, his effervescence has the power to penetrate in difficult places (as in the pores of the skin) and perform a deep cleaning of any area. The ability to use is the key to success.

For this reason, today we will tell you what is the best way to apply on the skin, ending with the acne and how you can eliminate dark circles with sodium bicarbonate.

How to use baking soda in our beauty routines
Fight acne with bicarbonate.
Applied on the skin can serve for multiple purposes, not only for bleaching and eliminate dark circles with bicarbonate. On the one hand, can be applied to perform a deep cleaning of clogged pores or to remove the excess of oil. It is also excellent as a treatment to eliminate acne because that removes impurities, Dry granite’s and prevents the accumulation of fat. Finally, works as abrasive treatment to soften the marks and scars of acne. Applied on the scar, has the power to make a smooth dermabrasion and stimulate the skin regeneramiento.


● In a small container, place two tablespoons of baking soda with half a teaspoon of water.
● Must not be a liquid preparation, but a paste. Do not add more water and mix to form a cream or more dry yet.
● It takes a little bit of the prepared with the tips of the fingers and exfoliates the affected areas you want to treat, or all the face if you want clean of dead cells and impurities. Applied with gentle circular movements.
● Leave to act for 30 seconds and thoroughly rinse with plenty of warm water.

If you have severe acne or you have many scars, repeats the process by night, before going to sleep. Otherwise, performs this beauty treatment once a week.

Eliminate dark circles with bicarbonate.
Eliminate dark circles with bicarbonate does not imply any type of risk. While these areas of the face are the most sensitive, this product acts freeing them from impurities.

Dark Circles, brands of tiredness and darkening of the zone is due to an accumulation of toxins and swollen veins. The thin layer of skin allows you to see the accumulation of blood that occurs below the eyes and darkens the circumference of the eye. It is necessary to decongest the for relief and notice an improvement in color. To eliminate dark circles with bicarbonate will also be necessary to replace your products of facial cleaning chemicals, by neutral soaps or natural products.


● To eliminate dark circles with sodium bicarbonate, begins preparing an infusion of chamomile or rose hip.
● When the preparation is warm, add a teaspoon of baking soda and mix well.
● Embedded two circles of cotton, removes excess fluid and applied on the eyes.
● Leave to act for 15 minutes. Then remove and rinse the area.
● Finally, you can apply a moisturising cream.

Repeat this once a day until the dark circles and under-eye bags have disappeared.